Wet-Fit AquaCabine now available

Wet-Fit AquaCabines are equipment which allows to practice Aqua Fitness in a single cabin at your own place. No pool needed!


AquaFitness benefits


How to reduce cellulite easy and fast? Answer is combined power of 12 water jets target to specific areas and hydrostatic resistance during exercise.


Underwater exercise is the best way to shape your legs, buttocks and thighs. Support of water jets effects in better lymphatic circulation and drainage of adipose tissues.


Workout in water enviroment helps reduce heat of the body. It is the safest and most natural way of controling the temperature during exercise.


Wet-Fit AquaRehab was originally designed for rehabilitation and to treat specific conditions such as:
• Muscular atrophy
• Osteo-articular problems
• Degenerative and inflammatory conditions.


Chromatherapy is one of the oldest therapy known.
• Red promotes vitality
• Blue is a calming colour for relaxation
• Yellow stimulates mental ability and concentration


Water provides higher resistance, which affects harder muscle workout within the same exercise on land. 30 minutes of Wet-Fit training can effect in 500 - 700 calories burned. There is no easier method of converting fat into muscle.


Wet-Fit AquaRehab allows to practice Aqua Fitness in a single cabin at your own place. Tube is splitted into 2 zones: Cooldown and Training. Training zone is created for workout on bike or treadmill with help of 6 powerful water jets + 14 air jets. Cooldown zone is comfortable sitting place equipped with total 12 water and air jets for muscle relax.

AquaRehab is recommended by physiotherapists as a safe and effective training in overweight and obesity, reduced mobility (after injuries of bones and joints) and as a part of rehabilitation process.

With Wet-Fit you are no longer attached to only bike exercise. Our product can be equipped in AquaBike or AquaTreadmill. Furthermore if you decide to change into other equipment inside, you don't have to buy new capsule.

During designing of AquaRehab our engineers used experience of sport physiotherapists. Our products have been tested in hard conditions by MMA fighters, professional weight lifters, cross-fit trainers and amateurs.

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Individual Water Cabin Comparison

Wet-Fit AquaRehab Economic client
    2 hydromassage systems: Training zone and Relax zone
    Training zone: 6 power water jets + 14 air jets
    Relax zone: 12 water jets
    Air bubble massage built-in floor
    Ozone generator
    Waterproof TV for entertainment (video + music)
    Stairs with handlebar and antislip layer for easy going in/out
    Solid shell for securing electric elements with easy cleaning layer
    Bike or Treadmill inside
    System for maintaining water temperature during session

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me some connection details?

Information regarding standard connections:
a. Cold and hot water supply: 1/2''.
b. Cold and hot water connection are on the back side of the tube.
c. Water drop: we use universal Ø 50 pipe.
d. Water drop is connected in front side of tube.
e. Standard power supply: 220/ 230 V connection with r esidual-current device 20A with 30 mA rated residual current.
f. Power supply is located in back side of the tube.

Can I change AquaFitness equipment later?

Yes. Our AquaCapsules are build so they can fit AquaBike or AquaTreadmill. Changing takes up to 10 minutes.

Do you have professional water filtration system?

Available as option. Closed water circuit with sand filtration and UV light for clearing water.